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Пн Мар 18 20:04:45 MSK 2002

Hello Michael,

О, да! И вообще, меня всегда удивляло отсутствие клавиатурного
тренажера в штатных поставках десктопного и "офисного" софта... Вроде
бы, игрушка сильно полезнее тетриса или "шариков".

Monday, March 18, 2002, 3:41:12 PM, you wrote:

MS>         Здравствуйте.
MS> А ведь вполне себе образовательно-офисная софтинка.  Что-то бум
MS> думать? :)

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MS> Subject: [seul-edu] Tux Typing Internationalizion
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MS> There has been a fairly strong push towards making Tux Typing
MS> (http://www.tux4kids.org/dm/tuxtype/) have multi-language support.

MS> Today we had a discussion on the #tux4kids IRC at irc.openprojects.net
MS> on the internationalization issues involved in Tux Typing. Anyone
MS> interested can read the chatlog summary here:
MS> http://www.tux4kids.org/tux4kids/chatlogs/2002-03-17.html

MS> Anyone wanting to help out (or otherwise with strong opinions on the
MS> subject) are encouraged to check out the Tux Typing homepage:
MS> http://www.tux4kids.org/dm/tuxtype/

MS> and join the discussion on our mailing list:
MS> http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/tuxtype-dev

MS> Any input is welcome ;-)

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