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On 08.04.2007, at 0:04, Eugene Saenko wrote:

> Уважаемые господа,
> Возникла настоятельная  
> необходимость просмотра в Linux (а в  
> идеале --
> редактирования) файлов, созданных в MS  
> Visio.
Ответ на Ваш вопрос есть в FAQ Dia
Can Dia open Visio .vsd files?

No, it can't. Visio file format is a completely proprietary and  
undocumented file format. So it is really difficult to write code to  
read it. The now-defunct Software Bazaar offered a bounty of several  
thousand dollars for reverse-engineering the Visio format. We really  
would like to be able to do so.

An easier alternative would be to make a Visio plug-in that will  
allow conversion. Other programs have already done this for their  
proprietary formats. If somebody were to make such a script, we could  
set up a public server to do conversions.

With Visio 2002, it has become possible to export Visio diagrams as  
XML (.vdx). Microsoft, in their infinite generosity, has even  
published the Schema. Ian Redfern has made use of this, and a VDX  
importer/exporter is part of Dia as of version 0.96.

Ian Redfern is working on decoding the Visio format. If you have any  
interest in converting Visio files, please give him your assistance.

Так что зависит от того, какие именно  
файлы Визио надо открывать.
> Имеются ли под Linux приложения,  
> способные на это? Буду рад любому
> совету или ссылке.
> А может быть у кого-нибудь есть опыт  
> запуска MS Visio под Linux?
> С уважением,
> Евгений Саенко.
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